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XO L'Avant presents: First, You Get The Power


The Mill.
154 Angas Street 5000 Adelaide Australia
Following all the current conflicts around the world amongst religions, governments, economies, socio political correctness' and within ourselves. These elements all seem to have a common denominator in which they're fighting for, and that's POWER.

We are living in a time of POWER.

Bridging the gap between Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, artist clique XO L'Avant, combine the minds of artists Russell Winter, Spider Death, Jaya Suartika, Giacomo Belometti, Charlie Lacroix and Kyle Woodman to present to you 'First, You Get The Power'.

All hailing from the medium of tattooing, these artists demonstrate the various portrayals of POWER in all forms and how they affect us, as humans and environmentally, on a global and personal scale.